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 Basic Tests?

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Basic Tests? Empty
PostSubject: Basic Tests?   Basic Tests? EmptyThu Sep 01, 2011 6:05 am

Hi guys,

I don't yet consider myself an 'advanced' played.. But I wouldn't consider myself a 'basic' player either.
I have 'ok' gear(some t10, planeswalkers, ect), can find information easily on the wiki, don't die often, and can gain a few pots in a decent length session(2-3 hours) & am confortable trading the items I get for the items I need.

As far as advanced thigns go tho, I'm not game enough to jump in on an Oryx fight yet, I F5 as soon as I hit 50% HP and stay away from events, and higher level dungeons.

While I'm not sure what the basic tests are, I'd probably be 'ok' passing them, and would really like to have a look at the Advanced lessions.

Advanced Student Form:
In-Game Name: TunaFB
Age(only if you wish): 27
Country: Australia
Timezone: GMT+8
Best Fame: 250~
Class(which one you major in):
I have a Lvl 20 Necromancer, Level 20 Rogue with some pots, nothing maxed and a level 20 Knight.
All these are on the same account as I bought more character slots to support the game.

I like all of these classes so far as well as Wizard. I'm fairly open to what class I join.

My current goals/skills I hope to aquire are: Feel pretty safe taking on Oryx1, Be able to Solo an Event, Max defence on my first character, Have the knowledge and skills required to take on the Sprite world.

Thanks for creating a great forum!

EDIT: Opps, Forgot to mention, I'm also happy to jump on Vent/Skype/Whatever for lessons.

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Basic Tests? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Basic Tests?   Basic Tests? EmptyThu Sep 01, 2011 6:57 pm

You seem worthy enough to be an advanced student, but can you narrow down your class to just 1?

Side Note: For other people, please post admissions into the admission forum
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Basic Tests? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Basic Tests?   Basic Tests? EmptyFri Sep 02, 2011 4:50 am

I've got an archer(Lost 2 characters last night) Sad )with vbow and roc and really enjoying it.. So put me down for that.. Smile


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Basic Tests? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Basic Tests?   Basic Tests? Empty

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Basic Tests?
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